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One of the major activities of HEKMAT GmbH (Ltd)  Company is in the field of Railway and its equipments. The Railway factories in Russia and Ukraine have special standard for themselves. Therefore, the HEKMAT IPH has started several studies and research in Russian and Ukrainian factories to produce wagons and equipment’s in UIC Standard for Middle East countries. Some of these projects can be cited as bellow:

1-Delivering 1000 Open Top Car Wagons in different types
2-Delivering 500 Flat Car Wagons in different types
3-Purchasing 10,000 Bogies
4-Purchasing 500 Tank Wagon in different types
5-Buying 1000 Rail needle
And also buy thousands of Spare parts for Railway systems.

Conducting a complete feasibility study project; Electric Rail Lines for Iranian Railways.
HEKMAT Company with an extensive experience, benefiting from numerous experts in the field of rail transportation, is one of the first companies which started to plan electric rail lines for some countries in Middle East.

Due to increasing development in the railway industry in Iran and also the necessity of providing the needs of the industry within the country, the HEKMAT IPH Company has began some study and research projects in the field of wagon manufacturing. This has provided very valuable results in this area.

Research and study project for Preliminary plan for City Railway

Preparing raw materials for synthetic fiber plants such as a Caprolactam, Viscose, Cotton

Procurement of raw materials for food companies such as citric acid

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